100+ Nerdy WiFi Names Collection for You

Nerdy WiFi Names

Nerdy WiFi Names

Nerdy WiFi Names will Funny for cool dudes.So we decided to make a complete list on WiFi names which are nerdy and funny at the same time. So after a long time and hard efforts we have created this list which covers wide variety of ideas. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one  them that really stick out as awesome just for you and will stay your router’s name for long.


Nerdy WiFi Names



Dial-up Internet


WiFi Panda


Free Data Storage


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Obsessed


WiFire Network


Lunatic WiFi Network


Yeah, I set up a password




Connect and Die


From Paris With LAN




Hottest Spot


It Wasn’t Me


Don’t Use this One


Refresh Your Device


Broken Device


I love GoT


The Lord of the Pings


Municipal Free WiFi


Device Battery Down


Warrior Prince/Princess


Unknown Error


I Know Who You Are


Router Exploded


Can’t Connect Right Now


Max User Connected


Go Get a Friggin Life


Restricted Area


Network Crashed


Turn Your WiFi On


The WiFi Godfather




Charge Your Phone


Technical Fault


Stop Sneaking On My Bedroom


It’s Free, Enjoy


Enter Wireless World


Wizards of WiFi Place


Suck on My WiFi


She Wants the D-link


Homeless People ONLY


User Prohibited


WiFi for Sale


The WiFi Fanatic


I am Snooping on you right now


All Men Must WiFi


Router, I hardly Know Her


WiFi Limit Exceeded


Rolling On The Floor Surfing


Data Loading


Technical Fault


Please use me…




Unsecured Wi-Fi


Stop Being Such a Nerd


Free WiFi for Books n Coffee




Jarvis, What’s the WiFi Password?




Can I have your number?


My Neighbors Are Boring


Session Expired


WiFi Prohibited


Touch To Blast Your Phone


The Secret Chamber


Scan Your Device


Password is Password



Nerdy WiFi Names

Nerdy WiFi Names

We’re Invisible


Your Ex-girlfriend/boyfriend


Everyday I’m buffering…


Orea Man/Woman


Yet Another WiFi Router


The WiFi of Asgard




Nerdy WiFi Network Names





Router Under Maintenance


Nothing On My Wi-Fi


Wi-So Serious


Press 1 for WiFi


The Big Bang Broadband


Find the nearest Wi-Fi Café




Who are you?




Your selfies suck


You’re Blacklisted


No Devices Found


Romeo – Seeking Juliet


Gateway to Happiness


LAN of Steel


Crushed By Candy


100 GB Free Data


Ultra-Fast Network


I love Granola Bars


God is watching you


We Can Hear You Guys


Loading Failed!


Limited Connection


Airplane Mode Activated


The WiFi Soldier


Shut Off Your Damn Speakers


Router Down


500GBPS Speed


Look No Wires at all


You’re Boring


I’m a Cool Batman


Not Paid By Your Dad


The WiFi of Oz


No password needed


Router Unavailable


WiFi Expired


Network Under Maintenance


Trojan Detected


Sending You the WiFi Bill


Secret Network




This is Not Free Either


Savage Club


Haunted House



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