Cool WiFi Names for Your Router 2020

Cool WiFi Names

Cool WiFi Names


Hey viewers In this article, we have shared Cool WiFi Names. Shock your neighbor with these cool names. WiFi network names to look unique, crazy and cool. A Cool WiFi Names is that name which remembered easily and easy to pronounce. The name in the list are unique, cool and easy to remember.

Cool WiFi Names


LAN Solo


Bring Booze To Use


That’s What She SSID


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?


Who’s the Daddy?


Let’s Hack The Planet




Zelda a Linksys To The Past


IP then I POOP


Optimus Prime


And Don’t You Come Back


Grow a Pair Then Ask Me B*tch


Go Home Tourists


Pokemon Slo


Bill Nye The Nazi Spy


No Sneaky Peaky


This Ain’t a Meth Lab


Girls Gone Wireless


Hi-fi WiFi


Apartment no. 666


Talk Less, Work more


Reserved for Guests I Hate


Hit the Road Jack Input


The Wi-Fi Next Door


No Soup For You


F.R.I.E.N.D.S Forever


Everyday I’m buffering


Wi-Fi, do you love me?


Be My Valentine


Happy WiFi Happy LiFi


Russian Hackers


You Stole My Bacon


Dora the Internet Explorer


I Killed Bill


Why Fly When You Can WiFi


Come and clean up my house


Life on the Line


Ping’s Landing




WiFi Fever


For The Love of Router


I Kissed Your Daughter


Call Me for Password


You have been blocked


Come On And Slam and Welcome to my LAN


Zombies Ate My Neighbor


Ye Olde Internet


Hey You!


Modem Pole


Nacho WiFi


This Is Not Free Either


Sending You My WiFi Bill


WiFi Art Thou Romeo


Don’t Touch Me


Lucking Fntelligent


Blind Sight


Keep Scrolling


Join My Bandwidth




My Crown My Kingdom


No Mo No Mo No Mo No Mo


Keep it on the Download


Lag Out Loud


Wham Bam Thank You LAN


Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi


Guess Where We Live


Hack Me If You Can


A Lannister Always Surfs The Net


Area 51 Test Site


No Wires, Still alive and working


13C is the Loneliest Number


You are so Wonk




Your Session has Exp!red


Bake Me a Cake


Cool WiFi Names

Cool WiFi Names




New England Clam Router


The Prophet


The Creep Next Door


Cut the Wire


Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore


Say Hello to Hell


Vladimir Computin


The Password is…


You’re WiFired!


Secret Meth L@B


Lord of the WANs


Flamingos for Sale


It’s so ice-solated


50 Shades of WiFi


Online Ninja


The Faithful LAN


Clear Your Cookies and Sins First


Living on the Wire


Sold my Kidney for Free Internet


John’s full name in CAPS, no space


One WiFi With Many Users


Rebellious Amish Family


We’ve Got the Goods


I Love My Neighbor


One Network to Rule Them All


Skynet Global Defense Network


Final Fantasy Finally Finishes


Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi


I’m Coming For You


This is your LAN


Brain Cord Connection


The Beast


Let Them Use it


Chicken Crossed the Road to Steal Our Wifi




It Wasn’t Me


I’ve Got the Best In Town


Fastest Internet in the Neighborhood




AA Meeting


No More Mister Wi-Fi


You’re All Noobies


Not a Crackhead


Covet not thy neighbor’s WiFi


Internet Monster


Lord of the Pings


Is it me you’re looking for?


Wi-Fry Chicken


Saved a Bunch of Money by Switching to GEICO


Fork You Beach


Talk less, Work More


I’m Cooler Than You


Doctor Strange


Wu Tang LAN


Agent Smith


Troy and Abed in the Modem


Pump it. ROUTER!


Close your bathroom curtains


I’m Watching You


Free WiFi


Hacker-Free Zone


I was an X Man


Son of a Gun


Satan Rocks My Socks


Please Use Me


All Cool Names Are Taken




Trumpyard Network


Open Sesame


No LAN for the Wicked


Enter the Dragon’s Network


Let’s crack the PASSWORD




The Dark Knet


Google Was My Idea


Hillary’s Clinternet


Routers of Rohan




Gone Catfishing


Life on the Line


I am the Internet, AMA


You Can’t See Me


Since 1997


Stay OFF my router


1 MB is Never Enough


My WiFi Be The Coolest


We’re the FBI


FBI is Looking for Me


Safe Levels of Radiation


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN


Only for Zombies


Yell ‘Eggroll’ for Password


Now you see me…


Free for 1 day


Clever Wifi


Happy Guessing!


Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!


You Click, I Pay


Couldn’t Find a Cool Name




WiFi Not Found


Vladimir Routin


Move On


Don’t Try to Hack


Not In Your Range


Your WiFi is in Another Castle


Internet Costs $$


Let’s Split the WiFi Bill


Stop Freeloading


Trump Network



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