900+ Awesome WiFi Names [2020 Updated List]

Awesome WiFi Names

Awesome WiFi Names


If you bought a new WiFi router (Wireless Router) and need some unique, memorable and Awesome WiFi Names  for your router. Then you are at the right place.

Many people look for unique Awesome WiFi Names for home and office Wi-Fi routers. Here is the list of Awesome WiFi Names for your router.

Awesome WiFi Names


Let the wand choose it’s Wi-Fi


Free virus available


Your Dog Shits In My Yard


Password. Virus. Boom!


Break the bed xx


I’m pretty cool, But I cry a lot


Network Unavailable


Hacked Wi-Fi


Netflix Streaming!


I demand password by combat


Welcome 2 Azkaban


I am Lord Voltemort


This LAN is your LAN


Feel Like Flying


I am watching you!


My Own Damn Internet


One Wi-Fi many connections


You don’t know the password, Jon Snow


I am Mark Zuckerburg


Don’t even try it


4 Girls 1 Router


Free Wi-Fi is here


Tell her I love her


Top secret network


Hide your Kids, Hide your Wi-Fi


All Your Bandwidth Belong to the US


Wi-Fi is coming


I know your browsing history


Life is Fast in LAN


Your wish is my command


WiFi Password: I Love U


When in doubt, go to Wi-Fi


Haha suck on my secure connection


I am the Internet, AMA


Oh! You stepped into dog’s poop


Occam’s Router


Have a unique Wi-Fi name like you


All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us


LANnister house




I Don’t need U. I have WiFi


I’m here to pet all cats


Shut your Fucking Dog Up


Tell My Wi-Fi LoveHer


Wi-Fi is a wind, my friend


Drop it like it’s Hotspot




This is free Wi-Fi. Connect and play


Get your Own Wi-Fi F#ckHead


Virus Infected Wi-Fi


Connecto Patronum


blasting in 5..4..3..2..1


I speak fluent sarcasm


Unprotected ceX


I can connect in snap


Your computer will turn to ashes


Wi Fight for Money


Dead Router tell no tales


404 Network Unavailable


Baby use this one


Kindness is my Jam !!


Get Your Own Damn Internet




All about that crush life


One Family One Wi-Fi


Who the hell are you


Titanic Syncing


You Lost Your Connection


The things I do for Wi-Fi


Wi believe I can Fi


Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her


Your music is annoying.


Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore


Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi


Out of Order Try Later


LANnister always pays for Wi-Fi




Get Off My Lawn


Oh! You stepped into dog’s poop


Log in here!


New England Clam Router


Too Cool for You


Quit Using My Wi-Fi


Go Away You Muggle


Its my Wi-FI None of your Wi-Fi


How dare you connect to my Wi-Fi


It Burns When IP


Virus Infected WiFi


Mom Click here for Internet


You don’t know the password, Jon Snow


it hurts when IP


I am Mark Zuckerburg


I now pronounce u man and woman together


Buy a drink get the password


Too busy being awesome


How dare you connect to my Wi-Fi


Your grammar is more annoying


Awesome WiFi Network Names

Awesome WiFi Network Names


I’m Outside Your House…


If you know me, you know the password


Yell eggroll for password


Put your shit in your pit


404 Error not available


Bows before bros


6th Sense Mobile Wi-Fi


Free Stuff


Mom, Click Here for the Internet


Save Wi-Fi save lives


Too Many Dick$


I Read Your Facebook


Signal Strength: Low


Crack Me if You Can


Wi-Fi is a wind, my friend




Will U Marry Me?


Get your Own Wi-Fi


Password. Virus. Boom!


I will sue you if you use my Wi-Fi


Not My Wi-Fi you B**ch


You’re All Noobs


But enough of this Wi-Fi, yick yack and flim flam


Bring Beer and Women to 40.2


Not for the Chicken Hearted


I’m pretty cool but I cry a lot


I slept with your Wi-Fi


Hide your kids, Hide your Wi-Fi


Ask me for password


John Snow Knows something


Go LA For Free Wi-Fi


Look Ma, No Wires!


I can read your emails


Caitlin stop using our internet!


All Men must Wi-Fi


Get off my LAN


For porn use only


I’m here to pet all cats


Party Saturday Night APT #434!!!


Dead Router tell no tales


I am as funny as Deadpool


What a sec C life


WiFi Network Name Here


Do you love me?


Defense Guarded Wi-Fi


Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi!


Your music is annoying.


Mom Use This One


Use at your own Risk


The Wireless-G Spot


Free Wi-Fi


I demand password by combat


Ha Ha next time lock your router


I Can Hear U Walking Off to it


LANd rover


Use This One Mom


I don’t connect, I Quack


Router, I Hardly Know Her


Today I choose to be a unicorn


Internet Costs $


All gadgets connect here


Unprotected ceX


This is My Number XXXXXXXX


Not My Wi-Fi you B**ch


My Neighbors Pay My Wifi


No Free Wi-Fi for you


Don’t stop Wi-Fiing


You are blacklisted


Let the wand choose it’s Wi-Fi


Call me LAN


Wi-Fi of Ice and Fire


Error, Unable to connect


This is Not Free Either


Nacho Wi-Fi


Let’s squat until we’ve big booty Hoes


2 Girls 1 Router


Property of my hot wife


prepare to be hacked!


Searching for GF


I am as funny as Deadpool


Desperate Wi-Fi


Free McD Burger


I think, therefore I am!


Property of my hot girlfriend only


Call Me Maybe


Get off My LAN!


Go Home Tourists


Sarcasm is my only defense.


Enter the Dragon’s Network


99 Problems but WiFi ain’t one


Keep it on the Download


All Men must Wi-Fi


Your computer will turn to ashes


Wi Don’t you get a Wi-Fi


I didn’t copy this from anywhere


The things I do for Wi-Fi


Newlywed cex


Quit parking your car there


I Have WiFi and You Don’t


You’re blacklisted


The Promised LAN


You can Choose any Awesome WiFi Names from the list for your Router and if you have any other name for the list then fell free to comment the name. We will add that to the list.


Thanks a lot.😊

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