You Buy a new WiFi Router and looking for WiFi Names for Your WiFi Router & WiFi Hotspot? Then this Funny Names of WiFi are just for you!

Finding a Funny WiFi Name for Your Own Router is not easy as we think, You have to look on various factors while  naming your WiFi Router, That are your locality, your interests, your job, your likes and dislikes and all over that the has to be funny so that it can make your family, neighbors and friends laugh.

So we did that for you and prepared this list to help you finding Funnest WiFi Names for you.


Funny WiFi Names




Virus Free


Making Wifi Great Again


The LAN of the Free


You will be hacked





Definitely Not WiFi


FBI Surveillance Van


Drop It Like It’s Hotspot


Your Brain On Drugs


Don’t even try it


Abraham Linksys


Wi-Fight the Inevitable


Your music is annoying


Drop and give me 20


John Wilkes Bluetooth


It Burns When IP


Mom, Click Here for the Internet


Enter the Dragon’s Network


Stop Being A Mooch


The LAN Before Time


Silence of the LAN


Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi


Feel Like Flying


Nacho WiFi


Bandwidth Together


Your Session has Expired


It Burns When IP


No More Mister WiFi


Pretty WiFi For A White Guy


Free Public WiFi


Full bars


Find nearby WiFi


I Believe Wi Can Fi


For Sale Inquire Within


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan


New England Clam Router


The LAN Before Time


That’s HotSpot


My Damn Internet


Please Connect for Identity Theft


Slower than Yo Momma


Funny Wireless Network Names

Funny Wireless Network NameS

Funny Wireless Network Names


The Banana Stand


My Neighbors Suck


This is Not Free Either


The Internet


The Notorious R.P.G


Network Not Found


LAN Solo


Winter WonderLAN


The Legion of Doom


My WiFu


The Deathstar WiFi


LAN of Milk and Honey


I Did Your WiFi Last Night


My Own Damn Internet


Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi


Wham Bam Thank You LAN


No Free WiFi for you


Never gonna give you WiFi




IP a Lot


DHARMA Initiative – Station 4


The Wireless-G Spot


IP Freely


IP Steady Streams


Winternet is Coming


Airplane Mode Active


Android Bluetooth


99 problems, but WiFi ain’t one




It Burns When IP


2 Girls, 1 Router


Bill Clinternet


It Hurts When IP


It’s a Small World Wide Web


Network Not Found


LAN do Calrissian


Its Free, Enjoy.


It’s Not Paid By Your Dad


All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us


Dunder Mifflin


I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi


Funny WiFi SSID

Funny WiFi SSID

Funny WiFi SSID


I’m In Your Closet


I’m Not A Witch I’m Your Wifi


Drop it like it’s a Hotspot


Look Ma, No Wires!


I’m too sexy for WiFi


I’m Under Your Bed


Wu-Tang LAN


I Can Haz Wireless?


I’m Watching You Now


John Wilkes Bluetooth


No Internet Access


Connected, Secured


Jump on the Bandwidth


Karen’s Network


This LAN is Your LAN


Untrusted Network


Keep it on the Download


Kelvin’s Network


Get off my LAN


This LAN Is My LAN


LAN Down Under


Not the Wifi You’re Looking For


Titanic Syncing


LAN do Calrissian


Jump on the Bandwidth


Bandwidth on the Run


Let Me Out Of Your Router


Let them use it


Device Damaged




Look Ma, No Wires!


Lord Voldemodem


Connection timed out


Device Battery Low


Making Wifi Great Again


Malware Repository


Connection Lost


Connection Out of Range


Missed Connections


Modem Family


Choose a Network




Frequently Asked Question


How long can a WiFi name be?

It can be maximum of 32 characters.


How to change name of my WiFi?

If you want to change your wifi name visit here – for more detail.


Different security options in Router?


WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy

WPA – Wi-Fi Protected Access

What is SSID?

SSID stand for Service Set Identifier. It is the technical name of the network.



So We have shared 200+ Funny WiFi Names for your router and all of this are best out of best.

So these Funny WiFi Names can used to shock your girlfriend, neighbors, friends and family. All of the names are very funny and unique.  Your  Neighbors and Friends might laugh instantly after seeing your WiFi name.

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